How many people die in car accidents every day

Currently, about 3300 people die per day, with a global average of one death every ten seconds. this estimation doesn't account for accidents that happen in less-developed countries that lack reliable statistics and also only accounts for accidents where the vehicle has been involved as part of the incident. however if we take those countries out from consideration, nearly 30% of those deaths are from motorbike accidents. in terms of car-related incidents, more than 50% of fatal crashes involve some kind of speeding violation on behalf or all parties. in this case there were at least 7 fatal crashes on new year's eve alone in 2017. clearly not a time to be going fast!

# what percentage is due to speeding? #

how many car deaths in the us each year?

every day, on average 250 people die as a result of car accidents. these deaths account for three-quarters of all accidental deaths each year and about eight percent of all u.s. fatalities annually, more than those caused by firearms and hiv/aids. males are six times as likely than females to die in automobile accidents; males drive the majority of automobile miles travelled in the u.s.; males also dominate fatal crash statistics. every day nearly 33000 people suffer disabling injuries – these disabling injuries account for temporary or permanent impairment, loss of limb or function, pain associated with chronic disability, long-term care requiring medical intervention which complicates the person's ability to work resulting in lost wages and support .
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how many car accidents die each day in the us?

approximately 120 people die per day due to car-related accidents in the us.

the national highway traffic safety administration estimates that motor vehicle crashes are among the top 10 leading causes of mortality, accounting for an estimated 33,000 lives lost each year. an analysis conducted by iihs found that in 2009 there were 40,000 reported fatalities from car-related incidents in the us.
an average of 125 people per day are killed on american roads as a result of driving misadventure or driving recklessness. for every passenger vehicle death recorded by police, 30 more occur when commercial vehicles are involved in crashes on public roads.” big rigs” is what they call them–maybe they should be called critters because they're so dangerous

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