How many sq ft is a 2 car garage

Garage size varies by location.

do you mean garage size in the us or the uk?

neither, sorry. which country are you referring to?

i cannot answer that question without more specific information. please rephrase your question using values for your country's measurements.
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how many square feet is a two car garage?

a two car garage is around 1,300-square feet. that's about the size of a small guest house or apartment in an apartment complex.

some homes need more storage space than others and some only require enough room for one vehicle whereas others might be designed to accommodate an rv or boat. it all depends on your preference! a lot also depends on the dimensions of the individual space – does it have walls between you and your neighbor which can cut down on that square footage? and do you plan to pave over the dirt in front of that garage into terrazzo, asphalt, concrete? these are just some questions which help determine whether you need more storage space in your garage for items not restricted by building codes/town government

how many square feet is a 24×24 garage?

a 24×24 garage is 384 square feet.

ever so often, you'll find a 3 car garage that's 68 ft2. the larger garages are usually 484 sqft and the small ones are 276 sqft. in general, a 1/2 size home with a 660 sqft living area will have at least a 2400 sqft garage. all three measurements need to be identified for this conversion from length to area or vice versa.
a 5 feet wide by 12 foot long piece of construction paper laid out onto the floor would cover about 318 square feet, if it were strung tight enough against the grain & pasted every few inches along its length & pressed down good & flat under one end of its width

how many square feet is a garage?

the size of an average garage is about 200 square feet.

an argument could be made that occasionally during the winter, i park in my driveway and close it in with a garage door to keep tons of snow out. but when i use the word “garage,” what i usually allude to is the big, detached building about 400-square-feet on two levels that has room for one car inside near its ceiling under warm lights on either side. the word “garage” doesn't necessarily mean any small, single level structure out at my house or near yours where cars are parked periodically or not at all. if this confusion results from hearing me also say something like “did you fix your car? that sag

what is a good size for a two car garage?

a good size for a two car garage would be 18x25ft.

the best answer to this question, really, is what fits your needs and life style. if you want to have more room inside of the garage itself, maybe you could use a 16x24ft size, but if you want to fit a bigger vehicle in there it may not work out so well. garage sizes are usually represented by how many cars they fit, so an 18x25ft space can easily hold two cars or three smaller vehicles. again it depends on personal preference; the important thing is that when picking out dimensions make sure they will actually be able to accommodate whatever automobiles need parking in them!

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