How many years automobile engineering

This is a question that's answered by engineering school or department. i'm not an engineer, but it would be the equivalent of asking how many hours are in a day? it all depends on what you're studying and where. if you're looking for general information about the field, definitely check out professional and technical engineering degrees and internships/co-ops at purdue university.

how many years does it take to become a automotive engineer?

it's difficult to answer this question. most engineers require the approval of a state licensing board before taking on direct responsibility for their work which can lead us back to your initial question.

the engineering profession is regulated at the federal and state level, but not all jurisdictions license professional engineers. according to the national society of professional engineers, “if you are an engineer licensed by one state and working in that same field outside the bounds of that state, other states may recognize your license.” what does this mean? for instance if you're an automotive engineer in georgia and you take up residence in north carolina while maintaining the same occupation it's likely that north carolina will recognize your credentials compared with someone who doesn't have any experience or education in engineering

how can i become a automobile engineer?

the first thing you want to do is make sure your math and science grades are up to par. this means, any given course (into which you put much work and effort) must be at the top of the list in order for it to count as one of these required indicators. following that, there should be a requirement for you to take courses in mechanics and physics if they're not already offered at your school; this will help prepare you for any two classes that are needed for entrance into an engineering program. they're usually something like computer programming or chemistry-based mathematics, but sometimes they can surprisingly be humanities classes, too!

once enrolled into an undergraduate engineering degree program following all of the criteria outlined above, then future autom

is automobile engineering a good career?

if automotive engineering interests you, then yes.

if you're thinking of pursuing a career as an automobile engineer, then do it with the idea that you'll be spending long hours at your desk and there's no such thing as “work-life balance.” this is not a good choice if what you're looking for is “a close connection to nature” or a job where people ask how your day was every five minutes. but for those people who enjoy math more than they enjoy making small talk, this could be a great field to work in!

which subjects are there in automobile engineering?

at undergraduate level, there is typically a choice of different subjects. these have traditionally been mechanical engineering, electrical and electronic engineering, computer science and software engineering. at postgraduate levels these would be referred to as courses or modules, but they would generally either be based on mechanical design or motorsports engineering – the motorsport engineering courses tend to focus on high performance engines and their regulation, electronics systems in cars including can bus decoders for diagnostics purposes etc… they also cover hybrid car development. there are also electives going from software related topics such as embedded programming or core automotive design up through robotics or control theory.

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