How much are dealer fees on a used car

the average cost is about 8% before taxes with some states costing more than others. factor those into

what should you not pay for when buying a used car?

anything that has a high likelihood of breaking.

many used cars purchased by individuals have already been taken apart and put back together again at least once, while others have been in numerous accidents which rendered the car not considered safe to drive. items such as air bags, seat belts, brakes, power steering, tires are examples of things you must factor into the buying process when shopping for a second hand vehicle.

how much will a dealership come down on price on a used car?

there are factors that determine what the dealership will come down on price for, including supply and demand, location of the dealership relative to other dealerships, where the customer lives in relation to the dealer.

as a general rule, it can be worthwhile to check out other nearby auto dealerships before you make your decision on who will get your business. another thing you'll want to do is find out if they have any special promotions happening in terms of trade-ins or price reductions so they can save money elsewhere when considering how much reduction in price they'll offer you. a lot of people assume that when they buy from a new car dealership alone they're going to get a better deal than when buying from a used car dealership with hundreds

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