How much do automotive engineers make


this is difficult to answer without knowing more about your qualifications, experience, or specific company. this info would help give you a better idea of what the salary range might be. but, generally speaking; engineers make an average of $87k per year. benefits can also vary depending upon your level of seniority and history with that specific company – although the expectation is that you'll receive health benefits (or at least find out what your options are). lastly, i should mention that california has one of the highest state taxes in the nation; so it's important to account for this when making any calculations involving pay-rates. you can use this calculator if you need help figuring out how much take home pay will be after taking taxes into

does automotive engineering pay well?

the simple answer is that it depends on the level of education, skill set, experience, type of automotive company.

a few visuals to illustrate within one year of experience between $60k-$100k. america produces approximately 18 million automobiles annually with around 5% being exported. meaning there are on average 2450 automobiles produced per day in this country. per person about 2500 cars per year. demand for engineers who know how to design and manufacture automobiles will likely only continue to grow due to upcoming concerns that populations will continue aging while economies will slow down or contract drastically until mid-century- many countries try targeting stem degrees including engineering accordingly but some feel like engineering is becoming “too popular” and worry more talented students may opt out of

how much do automotive engineering earn?

automotive engineers earn, on average, just over $82,000 a year with a mid-career median salary of around $100,000 a year. many factors contribute to this salary though including location and years of experience.
many factors additionally affect the amount earned from being an automotive engineer. these include gender along with race and ethnicity as well as geographical location. women for example typically earn about 30% less than their male counterparts with white men earning almost twice as much as african americans or hispanic teens in the same occupation enjoying the highest rates of income
at present female demographic is dominating in engineering will keep its dominance if wages are increased adequately
people who obtain higher levels of training however see more exponentially better payoffs

which engineering has highest salary?

finding the right engineering career path is a difficult job. some of the main variables that come into play when choosing an engineering specialty include salary, location and work environment.

for example, petroleum engineers make about $120k while nuclear engineers can make anywhere from $70-160 pm (depending on location and experience). however, the average salary for all us residents in engineering during 2010 was roughly $81k .of course there are also other things to consider such as employment opportunities and future prospects for growth in your field of speciality. the site engineering degree net takes information from various sources including indeed.com to create an interactive chart so you can get a fuller picture of salaries based on your specialty.
additionally, engineering

is automotive engineering a good job?

the daily grind factor, or how many hours it takes to complete certain tasks on the job, is an important consideration for anyone thinking about becoming an auto engineer. the daily grind factor of certifying a vehicle may take anywhere from 30 seconds to 2 hours. however, the daily grind factor of tuning an engine may take anywhere from 30 seconds to 8 hours. so in this light, being a car technician might be a better choice because you'll have shorter work days and more time with your family. but if you love cars so much that you don't mind long work days, engineering is probably a good choice for you!
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