How much do car detailers make

On average, a mechanic who does both engine repair and detailing would make an hourly rate about $107.

but if you're just doing car detailing, the pay will be significantly less. around $55 per hour is typical, with skilled mechanics making about $156 per hour on average. detailers often work at auto dealerships or in shops that specialize in fine motor vehicles like convertibles or high-end sports cars.

the reasons for the difference are clear — one kind of mechical labor can be done by any layman with tools and guides found online; detail work not so much. it's also easier for mechanics to get really good at what they do – whereas it can take years of practice to master different techniques

can you make good money detailing cars?

i don't know why you'd want to. the hours are long and the pay is terrible. in general, there's not a high demand for this type of work because cars inherently break down in a short time period.

this answer may have been written with the intent of dissuading an individual from pursuing a career as a detailer – in which case, it should be written in a more neutral tone that might include information about the salary range or tips/tricks for beginning detailers. it could also be written neutrally with less emphasis on discouraging someone from considering detailing jobs; it would simply provide information such as “the hours can get long and the pay isn't exactly great.” there is no need

how much does a car detailer make per year?

it depends on where they live, but typically at least $25,000 per year.

is detailing cars a good job?

actual car detailers love their job, but many of the people who want to get into detailing are really looking for more prestige than they're willing to work for.

detailing cars is not easy. it's physically demanding and it requires mastering some difficult skills like using a buffer, blasting things with paint thinner or acetone (a.k.a. brake cleaner), and dealing with corrosive substances like petroleum fluid on leather seats. and detailing doesn't provide the kind of connections that people usually seek when they think about “making it” in automotive industry... which means this trade is perfect for someone passionate about doing the work rather than just dreaming about fancy titles or what other peoples' jobs may be like while you play video games

how much do car detailers make per hour?

the average person hourly pay is $20.00, so how much detailers make per hour depends on which region of the country they live in and their desired workload.

despite the recession hitting detailers, many people still enjoy having their vehicles serviced monthly or quarterly to maintain an expensive car with a high resale value and keep it looking shiny and new for as long as possible. a lot goes into ensuring cars maintain a showroom-ready appearance: polish moldings, buffers off your car's sheen, wipe down leather and vinyl seats and upholstery with an alcohol solution to combat odor issues; rub out those tough stains; clean carpets; sort our trash from recycling materials; vacuum mats thoroughly to remove grit…

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