How much do car salesman make

The following is a list of different factors contributing to how much a car salesman makes.
role – the role a person plays in a dealership will determine what they make.
commission – all salespeople receive commission, but not at the same rate. ultimately, commission varies from good selling days to bad selling days and from region to region.
hourly wage – this is usually 9 dollars an hour. salespeople who work for commission only are often paid below the minimum wage because their income is calculated as a percentage of that day's sales totals. in some regions there are no salary or hourly wages because everyone gets paid on commissions alone and workers could be making significantly more than $9 per hour during peak months due to high volume and bonuses

do car salesmen make good money?

on average, the salary of a car salesperson ranges between $30,000 to $50,000 annually. the more expensive cars they sell usually earn them more money than the cheaper ones will. to increase their earnings even further, many successful car salespeople turn towards bonuses and commissions to tout vehicles they know won't turn over as quickly. they can also generate an income through commission on accessories like tires or warranty service contracts. car dealerships depend on retention rates for old clients so most people stay with the same dealership year after year rather than hopping around between different lots looking for better prices or deals that may not actually exist beyond what's advertised by each lot at first glance. speaking of advertising slogans–you've got

do car salesmen get a base salary?

the answer to this question is unclear.

due to complexities of pay structures within the car sales industry, there is no clear response as to whether or not car salesmen get a base salary. there are many possible causes for this ambiguity, including how much time an individual salesman spends on commission versus their time spend working for hourly wages; or how successful the dealership is that they work at; or even if they work in-house, like stock associates at walmart do.

one question remains however: does your friend's salesperson receive any other form of compensation beyond what he takes home? is he receiving tips? bonuses? profit shares? medical benefits? vacation days off with pay?

your research may help you answer

can a car salesman make six figures?

yes, but it largely depends on what you mean by “six figures.”

calling a car salesman making about fifty thousand dollars per year “six figures” would not be accurate. generally speaking, to denote someone as having reached the six-figure level in their profession they must be earning at least one hundred thousand dollars annually.

how much does a salesman make per car?

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