How much does a car wash cost

It depends on the type of vehicle, the size of your car, what is being washed with how many employees are working. generally speaking you are looking at around $17.00 for an average sedan.

$17 per car wash isn't unreasonable when one looks at it in terms of hours worked by an employee who works 40 hrs/week for 50 weeks out the year – so roughly 2080 hrs with salary and over-time included figured in during that time period – which averages to about $11 per hour…plus taxes, benefits etc. i guess it's not surprising that a ‘professional' whose earnings are strictly tied to tips would be judgmental about an honest person who does something they themselves tire of doing every day whether

how expensive is it to buy a car wash?

there's a wide range of prices depending on what you want to receive. budget washes will only clean the car and use a modest amount of lather, which is obviously going to be less expensive than a full-service wash with special amenities like waxing or undercarriage cleaning. the average price for an express service is about $4 compared to around $6 for basic.

furthermore, it's important to know that the cost also depends on where you live in the u.s., where you live globally, and your type of vehicle. for example, living in southern california has made our car care prices higher than other routes across the country because there are various taxes imposed by local authorities on top of overhead costs based on

is buying a car wash worth it?

a car wash will cost anywhere from $8 to $50 at most. but saved money comes with the tradeoff of taking time away from your day for an activity that can be considered mundane or even unnecessary. take time into consideration–are you using the money spent on a wash fairly? does it take up too much of your time? how often does one use a carwash in comparison to how often they would do other activities during their day if they didn't have one?

many people also believe that hand washing wipes away bugs and bacteria without the need for soap, but this is not true. car washes are specially designed with an antibacterial soap made specifically to help remove all dirt, grime, and contaminants.

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