How much does a car weigh in tons

One ton is 2000 pounds, so on average a new car weighs just over 4000 pounds. that's just the weight of the metal and plastics it contains, though. the added weight from airbags, gas tanks or even that giant wheel full of hubcaps probably brings the total weight to around 5000-6000 pounds for modern cars.
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how many tons does a car weigh?

a car typically weighs 20,000 pounds.

a car can weigh anywhere from 5 tons to 20,000 pounds depend on the size and model of the vehicle. light weight cars usually weigh around 5-7 thousand pounds or less. heavier than average cars usually weigh 15-20 thousand pounds including drivers/passengers and cargo weight. trucks with fully loaded cargo can often reach 40,000 lbs! the most common order of magnitude is 10,000 lbs (± 5000 lbs), which is typical for a double decker bus and semi truck with trailer that tows an additional flatbed trailer loaded with another completed truck frame (‘double frame').
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how much does a truck weigh in tons?

the weight of a truck varies based on the number of axles, with five to eight typically being most common. the weight per axle is calculated by taking the total vehicle weight and dividing it by the number of axles. this value is then multiplied by the number of axles on each truck to calculate its true overall weight in tons.

how many tons does a smart car weigh?

the weight of a smart car depends on many factors, including the engine and transmission type (and thus efficiency), manufacturer, options such as air conditioner, and fuel efficiency. on average cars weigh about 4200 pounds (1949 kg).

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