How much does a rental car cost

A lot of factors determine the price. making a reservation ahead of time helps, as it can often be cheaper to reserve a rental up to 14 days before you need it. rental cars are also more expensive during peak business hours, for airport locations, and on fridays, which is busiest among travel days throughout the week. insurance coverage – how much or how little protection you want – will play into the price. here are some sample prices from expedia so you can get an idea where to start looking for deals: mercedes-benz c300 1 day ($33) honda accord ex 1 day ($39) nissan maxima 1 hour ($6), 8 hours ($19). be sure to check other sources too!

how much does a rental car actually cost?

it can be difficult to get an estimate on the cost of renting a car because the price depends on the day, week, or month that you are renting; where you are; how much your insurance costs for your individual policy.

typically a rental company will have additional charges in addition to part or full payment upfront – examples being fuel fees, airport pickup and drop-off charges, etc. these fees vary from company to company and location to location so if you're wondering about a specific line in your quote when getting quotes from different rental providers it may be worth calling over the phone or escalating online if it's been more than 24 hours.
to add all these factors together it'll depend on who is paying for what –

how much is a rental car per day at enterprise?

for economy models, the rental rates can run about $35 per day. full size cars and larger vehicles, such as a suv or a van, may be rented for per day rates of around $50 to $60.

every morning you start a new rental with all contracted charges waived–such is the benefit of being an enterprise member. rates vary by region but every one is car-friendly and competitively priced without any hidden expenses. so what are you waiting for? drive it today! sign up right now on our website to take advantage of this great offer! as automobile enthusiasts ourselves, we know you'll have fun behind the wheel traveling from place to place exploring your surroundings at your own pace with complete peace of mind knowing

how much does renting a car cost for a day?

it starts at about $25 for a compact car, and the average price of a 24-hour rental ranges from $35 to $50.

a major consideration in determining how much it will cost to rent a car is the make and model you choose. insurance rates vary by company, but in most cases they are about an additional 3%. some companies also charge additional fees that add up when renting long term. if you plan on taking round trips or making stops along your way, however, these fees can be waived.
if you're traveling with family members who need their own vehicle for transfers between airports or lodging establishments — often called “the chase” — then consider renting two cars instead of one so that everyone can have

is it cheaper to rent a car for a week?

yes, it's cheaper to rent a car for one week.

it usually takes the average traveler about six hours to drive across the country (driving 100 miles per day). if you buy a 7 day pass at $50/day then that is $350 – $100 = $250 or if you rent your car for 6 days you will pay only $150 one way. that means that in just 3 round trips you've made back all of your rental expense and saved over $35!
please use the information wisely and please let me know about any problems or inventions this approach saves money on so i can continue using it myself.

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