How much does it cost to charge an electric car per month

A traditional gasoline-powered vehicle would cost $60 per month for fuel, which is around $720 per year. a home charger kit costs $500 but you can expect to recoup that investment in about 7-8 years with the savings of an electric car. for fast charging tesla vehicles there are different rates depending on what nighttime electricity rate your utility provides – so this will vary based on your local provider's offerings. but even at the highest cost for 24/7 fast charging, it still only costs about 4 times more than gas!

how much does it cost to charge an electric car at a public charging station?

recently, there's been a movement to install charging stations for electric vehicles. it looks like the cost to charge an electric car at a public charging station is about $2.50 per hour of charging time.

this fee will vary based on the city and the company that owns the charger though. some can charge as much as $6 per hour! charging an electric car costs more than filling up with gasoline or diesel fuel, but it's still less expensive than gas once you account for fueling efficiency and rates of depreciation due to mileage limitation in an average driver's vehicle lifespan. the easiest way to remember the cost is by using this useful formula: (charge time)/(mileage) = (price) * (fuel efficiency

do electric cars make your electric bill go up?


the need for an electric car, with the accompanying charging station, means increased demand on utilities like electricity and gas. so yes, your electric bill will likely go up if you invest in an electric vehicle. and of course any additional pollution output would be at odds with efforts to reduce emissions in the future… but again, converting all vehicles to this type of energy is not always realistic or feasible under many conditions.

is charging an electric car cheaper than gas?

it can be cheaper to charge an electric car because it doesn't involve any maintenance fees, but electricity must also be factored in.

electric cars are not cheap. they require batteries which cost an enormous amount of money. on the other hand, they do last much longer than gas-powered cars so long as you maintain them well and recharge their batteries often. it's also worth considering that there is currently a tax on motor fuel which is charged at $0.173 per gallon of gasoline around the united states, while no such tax exists for electricity used to power your car—a difference that could save you hundreds or even thousands of dollars over time!

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how much will an electric car raise my electric bill?

this really depends on your usage! the price of electricity per kwh is generally less in the evening when demand is low. so, if you use most of your electricity during the times in which there are fewer people drawing power from the grid at night, your electric bill may not change much. on the other hand, if you use a lot of electricity during peak hours throughout the day or rarely charge your car and always run it off gasoline instead, then it's possible that an electric vehicle could consume more energy than a gasoline-powered vehicle and result in monthly bills increasing by 50%. it will depend on how you charge and how often.
generally speaking though–electric vehicles can cost $0 to $1 for each mile

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