How much does it cost to detail a car

To find out how much it would cost to detail a car, i queried my local autobody repair shop to see what rates they charged for this service. this is what i found: the minimum price for an oil change and basic interior or exterior cleaning was $150; more comprehensive services such as full buffing and waxing ranged from $300 to $1,800.
the lowest estimate after asking 3 places was about ~$200-350. but the actual number could be even higher if you have a special order request. it just depends on the rate these 3 quotes give me! sometimes cheaper prices can mean less quality of work done, so always do your research first!
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how much does a full detail on a car cost?

depending on what type of car it is, the level of service provided, and the length of time the detail will take to fix all nooks and crannies on your vehicle's exterior, a full detail job could cost $.
a full detail includes cleaning every visible area of your car inside and out. it typically starts with vacuuming dust off the flooring mats to scrubbing around handles so they sparkle like brand-new. this would be followed by wiping down or wax-polishing couches, carpets, door panels and even high regions where dirt hides in corners… details can range from $0-$500 depending on anything from whether you want someone else’s used water (to save water) to

what is included in a full car detail?

paint correction, surface rust removal, rims cleaning and blast, tire blacking treatment

a full detail includes everything listed above. however they can also do inside of the car including vacuum job on carpeting, headliner steam cleaning, leather conditioning on seats with stain protectant to name a few.
paint correction is due mainly to oxidation that causes rough spots on paint which then causes “spider web” patterns where the clear coat starts chipping away exposing the paint below which causes it to fade quicker. surface rust removal is for any nut or bolt found under your car that has started to corrode over time causing uneven levels in frames or chassis parts reducing performance and value of your vehicle. rims cleaner/blast removes

is detailing a car worth it?

as a rule, detailers will charge you five dollars for an hour. this isn't always worth it though, because if the car is clean and doesn't have icky stains or dirt on it, then ask yourself: “is it worth my time and money to give this person my perfectly good and clean car and pay them five dollars for an hour's work?”

i'd say that typically we're worth our time when we can make you feel like the most important person in the world with a smile on our faces. when people compliment your vehicle after we've detailed their cars (we typically mention what sectors of the car were addressed) i know they feel like i'm worthy of their hard earned gas money. car washes

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