How much does it cost to get a car towed

Towing service prices vary greatly depending on the city and type of car. it is usually best to ask a local towing company rate before you need them for something like this.

a basic tow that takes an hour or more typically costs between $80-165 dollars, plus mileage which can equal about another 100 dollars depending where they go. a basic call out fee with no labor charge typically starts at about 50-60 dollars, but this varies by area too. make sure you always use a licensed, registered, vetted company with good reviews when hiring any service provider in your area because services rates are what make up most of their business revenue – it's how they afford to financially recover from assisting people every time engines die!

what's the average price for towing car?

the “average price” is difficult to determine without more information. the tow rates are set by each state, with some higher or lower than others. for example, most western states have a top rate of around 45 dollars per mile with the first 10 miles at flat fee of about 125 dollars plus tax. some eastern states are as high as 60-65 us dollars per mile for the first 25 miles and then 30 us cents each mile after that. most components that make up your final cost depend on what you need done once you're towed, such as if it's an open flatbed type of trailer or if it requires a ttitc (tandem/double) tow truck and there's usually additional fees for handling hazardous

what is the cheapest way to tow a car?

answer: there are many different ways to tow a car. they all have their advantages and disadvantages.

asking for “the cheapest way” doesn't tell us anything about what you're trying to achieve. what is your goal? why would you need a tow truck? do you want a one-time use only, or do you need something affordable month after month?

do you need it one time, or should you be looking for monthly, affordable rentals?

if the needs are one time only–exciting! choose from national providers who offer tow trucks as well as various sized trailers that can accommodate most makes of cars and light duty commercial vehicles. these companies will charge varying rates depending on distance, time delayed before

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