How much does it cost to lift a car

It depends on the car, but it'll probably be around $100-$200

if you have a light-duty tow strap, a piece of plywood to use as a ramp to get underneath the car, and someone strong enough or with access to an assortment of hydraulic jacks with closed hooks (these will act like another set of hands), most cars can be raised off the ground by one jack with most cars weighing in at around 2000 pounds. this total cost would come out to less than $100 for this variety of service. the more expensive option is with professional lifts that can stand up any vehicle safely without risk.. these ranges anywhere from about $150-$2000 which then comes down to what does it include? if you

how much does it cost to lift a car 2 inches?

“it has little to do with the weight of a car exactly. the cost varies, depending on what kind of axle you are trying to lift the vehicle on.
1) mechanical axles, also called straight or fixed axles, have gears that are used for power when in motion. they need to be turned off before attempting any lifting because they can damage transmissions and transfer cases when against pressure.”
2) independent front suspension (ifs is one example)”
3) rear wheel drive/four wheel drive vehicles with independent rear suspensions (irs), which is most newer vehicles including suvs.”
4) ladder bars”
5) coil-over shocks”
6) air shocks”

how much does it cost to lift a car 4 inches?


it costs $503.93 away to lift a car 4 inches. thus, the total cost of an automobile suspension modification is approximately $1,000-$2,000 based on mileage and condition of vehicle. it would be advisable to purchase multiple springs or other ways that may work better with your car first before lifting it four inches for more economic reasons.

how much does it cost to lift a car 6 inches?

this is a tough question. prices range from $ 100 to thousands of dollars depending on whether you are willing to do it yourself, the make and model of the car, your geographical location, etc. about.com lists auto jack prices by country-based competitor for around $30-$20 usd per jack plus shipping costs – but this will not work for all cars due to them having transaxles in the middle that would prevent jacking up or even accessing one side long enough with this type of jack.
another issue is how much space you have under the lifted vehicle; if there's not enough room then it can cost significantly more than expected to get any real lifts accomplished. the good news is that lifting by way of

how much does it cost to raise a car?

it's difficult to say because there are many variables – particular make of car, if you are raising it yourself or having someone do the work, how much work is needed, etc. according to edmunds.com, professional services for auto repair can cost anywhere from $300 to $700 depending on the type of service offered and what needs fixing. the average cost of amateur repairs is about $120 per hour for labor plus parts which could be as high as $200 at an auto store where experts do all the diagnostics before ordering parts according to your specific vehicle's needs so they don't take time after their diagnosis by looking up at your engine compartment online. this also assumes that you have basic tools like screwdrivers, w

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