How much does it cost to paint your car

1) sand down any peeling or bubbling paint with 400 grit sandpaper across wet surfaces for 10 minutes per side until there is no more loose material left. this step will help provide clean surfaces so that paint can stick properly without bubbles forming in crev

how much does it cost to paint a car a different color?

the cost would depend on how detailed you want to be. if you just want to paint the car with a different color, that could be as cheap as $200-$300 or as expensive as $1,000+. keep in mind that if you not only paint it but do things like take off all of the door handles, bumpers, headlights and tires before painting it – then cost will increase considerably more. probably up to about $3,000+ for these types of services depending on what parts are being replaced at the same time you are painting.
many people ask why some cars have had some kind of “emergency” type service done where they end up getting new bumpers or door handles painted at the same time

how much does it cost to paint a whole car?

to answer that question, you would need to inform me what type of paint and the size of your car.
each company will be different so i cannot say without knowing more about what you're trying to accomplish.

is repainting a car worth it?

it depends on your car and whether you're looking for a cosmetic change or an improvement in mileage. on the high end of the scale, matte paint is often worth it because it not only lasts longer but it also provides better gas mileage; newer models typically come with their own worthwhile warranty that will cover any potential damage to the paint. according to toyota, they estimate a savings of up to $500 per year for drivers who drive 12,000 miles annually (not including the benefit gained from reduced maintenance and upkeep).

the best time to repaint a car is three or four years after purchase – at this point most cars age-off and start showing significant signs of wear so spending money on improving them will show great

is it cheaper to wrap or paint a car?

typically, wrapping a car is cheaper than painting it.

the costs of car wraps and paint jobs vary widely depending on what you want. the reason we believe that we can offer superior value for the wrap – with prices typically ranging from $3 – $7 per square foot of coverage – is due to our advanced materials and process which make the job quicker (often 2-3 days) and more cost effective (results in less disposal of excess overspray). it's difficult to compare apples-to-apples because there are so many variables related to either option; but what we've seen on just about every project is that the total cost winds up being about three times as much for a paint job as it was for a

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