How much does it cost to register an out of state car in california


u.s. car prices are set by the manufacturer, so you should refer to their pricing page for an idea of how much it costs to register a vehicle in your state. if you'd like, i can give you the link to the manufacturer's page for mazda so that you can get started sorting out what type of vehicle would suit your needs best.

then, once you've read through mazda's information about their different types of cars and which price points fit into your budget at different levels of quality (i.e., “how much does a 2016 mazda miata cost?”), go back here under my answer and take advantage of the nifty little comment box beneath this text box where commenters can ask me questions about

how much does it cost to register an out of state vehicle in california?

the vehicle registration fee for a private vehicle is calculated by taking the value of the old motor vehicle, based on its kelley blue book list price or nada official retail value, whichever is greater.

meanwhile, a commercial car pricing guide such as pricing information obtainable from commercial car pricing guide would be used to calculate the commercial car registration fee. that's because commercial cars are registered at $1 per $100 of book price or appraised value multiplied by one-half of 1 percent (.005), whichever amount exceeds $1.

what is needed to register an out of state vehicle in california?

when you register an out of state vehicle in california, you are required to have proof of residency, proof that the vehicle is registered in another state with their department of motor vehicles, verification they do not owe money at any dmv in any part of the united states.

if the registration fee is due for their home state, it is needed when registering an out-of-state motor vehicle. proof of insurance coverage if your policy covers more than one area or country.
your vehicle identification number (vin) recorded on a department of motor vehicles form along with proof that inspection was completed by a mechanic if they are driving vechile up to 6 years old.*
your insurance may be accepted as proof that inspection

how much will it cost me to register my car in california?

this answer discusses registration fees for new registrants.

when registering your vehicle in california, you will be subject to the following fee structure which is prescribed by the california department of motor vehicles (dmv):

registration fees are based on the weight of the vehicle. a low-emission vehicle surcharge of $12 may apply if you are driving a qualifying type of fuel-efficient vehicle. there are slight differences in weight classes depending on whether it's an awd or rwd vehicle or whether it's new or used. you can see more information about that here 【https://www.dmv.ca/registration-renewal/vehicle-types#newvsused】 for new car registrations and

can i buy a car out of state and register it in california?

no. california requires that you obtain a temporary operating permit before you can operate a vehicle in ca. you must do this before taking the vehicle across state lines and importing it into california.
you will need to verify your license, auto registration and insurance prior to applying for an exemption with your home state's department of motor vehicles and registrar of motor vehicles offices.
there is no fee for this type of out-of-state request; however, processing may take up to six weeks once the paperwork has been received from your originating dmv office. this time frame will depend on whether or not you also register the vehicle in ca during this process – which would require additional verification such as titling information records etc…

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