How much does it cost to rent a car for a month?

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The average price to rent a car varies by country. below are the averages in USD for the top 10 countries, according to traveler's choice.

  1. United states- $1200-$1400
  2. Canada- $1300-$1600
  3. France- $1250-$1500
  4. Australia- $1100-$1800
  5. Italy- $1000-$1500
  6. Japan -$1200-$2000
  7. Germany -$960 -1040
  8. Norway -$840
  9. Switzerland -$780
  10. Czech Republic -$560

According to travel information company flight network, it costs an average of about 22% more to travel during peak periods for an entire month.

How much does renting a car cost?

The prices for rental cars vary, but it's usually monthly.

That said, the monthly price is based on how long you're renting for and what type of car you want to rent (e.g., luxuriant, smart). also note that cars are cheaper during off hours. one other thing you might not have considered–the company can charge a one-way fee if you pick up a car from one location and drop it off at another location.

Can you rent a car for 2 months?

Rental car agreements vary by make and the type of rental. most car rentals offer a “daily” rental for 1-30 days, including weekends and holidays which would be priced at $30.00 – $50.99 per day (per day) with 15% deposit or drop off fee). you can also purchase a weekly rate which starts at $600 per week that includes 750 miles, or a monthly rate that starts at $2200 per month that includes 750 miles. Depending on your location, other charges may apply such as an airport surcharge, tax reimbursement charge etc., to ensure you have purchase the correct rental agreement we recommend checking online to see what type of plan is offered for your specific type of car search as as well as your zip code. For more information on car rental rates and prices, please see the Terms & Conditions of Rental Agreement.

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