How much is a car rental deposit

how do you avoid a deposit on a rental car?

one way to avoid paying a deposit on a rental car is to resort to the following tips:

1. become an aarp member – they can often get discounts, free upgrades and flexible policies that other customers might not be able 2. look for deals- many rentals will reward you for using their company through coupons, promotions or discounts 3. haggle – talk up the rental agent in hopes of negotiating them down or getting them to make concessions 4. offer help- ask if the rental agent would like you to call customer service (they usually really want your business) 5. don't flinch at threats- this should be used as bait 6. be creative – there are plenty of ways around this one 7. get sneaky

what is the average deposit on a rental car?

numerous factors influence the amount of a deposit that a rental car company will take. in many cases, your credit score and your past rental history will play a big role in determining how much of a deposit you'll be required to pay. other factors may include when you book the deal, when you drop off the vehicle, international travel, whether or not it's available for pick-up locally vs coming from another location and what type of vehicle it is. the availability might also change during peak times such as holiday season or over-booking happens resulting in no cars being available for pick-up at all locations leading to higher deposits.
information to include in this answer: depends on where customer is renting from

how much is the deposit for budget rental car?

we're sorry, we can't process your request.

unfortunately, we're not able to provide you with the deposit for our budget rental car because of applicable regulations and policies. you'll be pleased however to know that we have a wide range of cars and an experienced team waiting to help you out including jim in texas, pat in boston headquarters, sean in new york with car iver international resporting group ltd., joan at budget rent-a-car uk limited ȫ annica at auto europe gmbh ȫ or john in montreal. best wishes!
please contact us for help with renting a budget rental car. remember that there are many locations throughout the us with helpful agents just waiting to talk about your

how much is hertz rental car deposit?

the deposit is typically offered in the form of a credit card swipe once you are there at the location to lease. you can also provide one when booking.

some car rental companies offer pre-payments when booking, others when there picking up the car, and some allow credit cards for an additional deposit. once you know the company's policy, it will be easy to get your own vehicle looked after by choosing to give your number, rather than having an agent bring another key over to another person for them. this way it's sorted out ahead of time and makes anything easier on hertz rental car customer service because they don't have any unexpected people walking around with their keys or cars available because they left them there before checking out

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