How much is a cheap car

The price of a new car is going to depend on a number of factors, but typically, prices range from $10,000-20,000. the short answer is that your best bet would be to head down to your nearest dealership and get a feel for what's available in your price range!

what is a cheap price for a car?

this is difficult to answer, as pricing will depend on specifications. what sort of car are you looking to buy, and what features do you want?

can you get a car for $1000?

yes, you can get a car for $1000. in my city many cars are being put on the market as a result of the global recession that is happening now. i live in washington dc and there are many dealerships set up to sell low-priced american made cars.
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in conclusion, one should always be careful when buying a new or used car because people will often take advantage of those with cash on hand during recessions. there was a company called dutchman auto sales out here in _______ who would try to sell customers really expensive fuel injectors even though they had bad credit and they faked their locations so customers could never find them if they wanted to do some research before purchasing

what is the cheapest expensive car?

many people don't realize that the chevrolet spark, which retails new for $12,000 usd is one of the most expensive cars on this list.

the cheapest expensive car includes the chevrolet spark and goes up to $1 million dollars. but before we get into all that, i've got two words for you: plug-in hybrids. it's not just electric cars that are affordable these days; there are plenty of plug-ins out there and prices can be below 10k! below is a list of some of the most expensive and cheapest cars in every category to give you an idea what fits your budget best.

american muscle–ford gt ($1,150,000) acura nsx

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