How much is a paint job for a car

That depends on the shape of your car, what you want it to look like, how many colours are required etc.

if you have a large surface area that has turned yellow or brown then obviously your car will need more work than when you just want the roof painting. things to bear in mind include whether all paint is needed in one colour or several, what type of decals are wanted and so on. for someone who's not really sure about what they're after but wants to know generally where they might start – most people with an average interest will be able to get away with around £500-£1000 for a standard paint job these days, whereas people who really care about quality will be looking at closer to £

how much is a good paint job for a car?

it very much depends on what you need done. most basic jobs can be accomplished for as little as $200. for a complete paint job, the cost could range from $1000-$1500.

if you're willing to do some (or all) of the work and would like to save money, consider getting a friend who has experience working with car paint jobs to show you how it's done. or try this guide over at instructables!

is it worth repainting a car?

to answer the question, you first need to assess the value of your car. if it is relatively new and has no major issues, then it might be worth painting for aesthetic purposes only. if the car is older than 5 years with several major problems, particularly mechanical ones like deterioration, you will want to invest in a newer vehicle. similarly if you are the original owner of the vehicle, there may be sentimental value that would make painting worthwhile. if purchasing another vehicle would cost more than $7000 then repainting your current car (particularly one with sentimental value) could save you money over time as its new paint job will protect it from rust deterioration and other environmental risks like water damage for up to ten years – all while

is it cheaper to wrap or paint a car?

the cheapest way to paint a car is to diy. you can get an average-quality spray paint kit from your local auto store for much less than you could buy a pre-painted version of the same vehicle in pieces from a body shop.
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can i paint my own car?

yes, you can paint your own vehicle as long as it is not a commercial-use vehicle. a commercial-use vehicle has to be labeled at least 18 cents per gallon (i.e., gas) by the uniform tire quantity information markings system and cannot display more than 90% of its tires' information facing outward from the associated wheel openings while parked on a public highway or street.
your personal car can generally use any type of metal and for this you would need masking masking tape; following these three easy steps:
1) tape off surfaces that should remain unpainted, preventing them from getting paint on them. these surfaces might include moldings, windows or chrome pieces.

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