How much is car shield

how much does carshield cost on average?

in an industry where 1 out of every 3 drivers have a claim within the first 4 years of owning a new vehicle, carshield has been protecting families for decades. they offer three affordable coverage levels priced from $29 to $359 per year.

the best thing about their pricing structure is that it's not up to me or you to guess how much your car will be worth in 5 years. that means carshield protects you against inflation too, without charging more as your car gets older (*less retention money sought as well). you can find more information at http://www.carshieldonline.com/.

is carshield worth the cost?

it is hard to say if carshield is worth the cost or not without knowing how old and what make your car is.

generally, protection plans for cars work like insurance. the more expensive your car, the higher your deductible for coverage will be. for example, a 2009 honda accord may only be covered with a $100 deductible whereas an older vehicle such as a 1993 volvo may cost two times that much per occurrence. without knowing what we'll call “covered” can't determine whether it's worth the costs… but some people swear by it while others think of it as simply glorified identity theft because you never know when or where something will happen and deducting coins from every cash register in town won't cut it either so

does carshield have a deductible?

outside of missouri*, carshield does not currently offer a deductible.

*carshield's deductible for cars in mo is $250.00 and the deductible for light trucks and suvs in mo is $500.00. all out-of-state deductibles are subject to change per carshield state deparment requirements, please check with your domicile state to verify requirements or ask our customer service team for more information.
a car is covered only when the part it needs is covered by insurance, so under most policies there will be no need for a separate deductable. carshield does not currently offer this feature but it may become available in the future. to learn more about available coverage contact your local agent or

what does car shield pay for?

you can use car shield to pay for all types of things. depending on the item you are trying to buy, clicking with the car shield button will take you where you need to go.

you may be able to redeem points from other companies if it is a company that we offer points from! the great thing about purchasing gift cards from car shield, is that not only do our customers get a discount off of what they spent back in rewards, but they can also get free shipping on their entire purchase! our free shipping deals start at $100 and up, while some other retailers require an order over 1k dollars or more. so there's absolutely no reason not give us a look when wanting to purchase a gift card, because

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