How much is it to get a car painted

The cost of painting a car is variable, depending on factors such as the make and model of the vehicle, the color of paint desired, existing rust or damage to be repaired before painting, and any modern special exterior effects that may be desired. this service runs from $200 to over $10,000 per vehicle. there are several factors that will determine these costs – most notably whether a full paint job is needed for a new color or just a single door for instance. common areas that need rust repair include metal bumpers and fenders under body filler in addition to door project panels. estimates can usually be provided once visual inspections have been completed.

how much does it cost to paint a car a different color?

it depends. “car painters can charge $600 to paint your car one color. they can charge $1200 – $1500 to paint your car another color, just because it requires more painting and prep work than original paint.”
also note that prices vary by location, the condition of the car, and the time spent on each job. and if you’re looking for a different finish instead of just changing colors, there are more steps involved with creating a different specialty finish like metal flake or carbon fiber so prices could range widely depending on what materials are used in the process.
the average cost of painting a single vehicle is about between $600-$1k but if you want any special features

is repainting a car worth it?

the decision to redo a car is not as straightforward as it seems. the reason some people do it and others don't, is because there are those who don't know how long they will keep their car, and those who want to keep their car for as long as possible.

although the paint job typically only needs refreshed every 3 years or so, that can still cost $2,000 or more depending on what looks you're going for–and that's just on the outside of your vehicle. that price doesn't include any mechanical work needed on things like brakes which will also tell on the appearance of your paint job over time. so if you're willing to put in that kind of money into something you'll

how much is it to get a car repainted?

we charge $600 for a full paint job, and $800 for base coat clear coat.

is it cheaper to wrap or paint a car?

wrap: it depends how you look at it and what kind of car. as a rule, speaking wide, the initial investment in a vinyl wrap is substantially more expensive than painting. insurance rates will be higher on a wrapped vehicle because costs to repair any damage will be greater. cars that are exposed to extreme weather conditions such as high winds (and consequently get sand-blasted) can see significant reduction of life due to abrasion where the vinyl wraps meet the body. some people wonder about the flakes and peeling paint on cars with 4 or 5 year old paint jobs while some wraps still look brand new, while others say there's no comparison and they would rather have their paint job staying for years than lurking around waiting

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