How much is it to register a car in ny

vehicle registration in new york state is a cost that varies depending on the region or municipality in which you live. a few of the most notable distinctions are between nyc and other urban areas versus suburban and rural towns, as well as between hybrid cars versus gas-only automobiles. in general, the vehicle registration fee for all types of vehicles ranges from $50 to around $900.

how much is it to re register a car in ny?

the fee for an initial registration of a vehicle is $150.00 and $25.00 for each subsequent year. the price increases if the ford ford model bronco or ford model ranger was assembled outside of north america or imported with shipping costs more than two times the size of the vehicle, in which case they would cost an additional $250.00 on top of their initial registration fee.
your average new car will only cost you about one-third to half as much as this, so buying a used car can be a great way to save money!
if you are moving into new york from another state or country, then you are entitled to free registration fees during your first year following relocation with proof that property

how much does it cost to get license plates in ny?

well that depends on which plates you want. you will need to call your local dmv office in order to get answers specific for your state.

what do i need to register a car in ny?

to register your vehicle in new york state, you will need to submit the following paperwork personal information for all owners of the vehicle (name/address/e-mail) financial responsibility (insurance) bill of sale or title (for new or used vehicles) current inspection certificate (from a nys inspected motor vehicle station- not needed if the vehicle is leased, has an electronic monitoring device installed on it, or is exempt from registration). you can get your car inspected by calling 1-855-rivet1. if you are registering more than one car at once be advised that there may be additional fees. the fee to register your car with dmv is $80

how long does it take to register a car online in ny?

it takes approx 2 hours to register a car online in ny.

in new york, once you have paid your taxes and registration fees for the car you would simply need to go onto their website and show the dmv your driver's license number, name and birth date as well as the registration id of the vehicle that they issued when it was printed from our office, then enter into that online portal with driver view or another autosoft system that can read drivers licenses therefore i simply scroll through my computer screen which open with a list of drivers licenses so i find yours which is highlighted within a rectangular box where id photo is at.
then after finding yours i press click or double-click on it-this will allow me

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