How much is it to rent a car for a week

It varies from country to country but as a general answer to your question it would be about $2,000. you may have varying estimations based on the model of the vehicle you rent and what days of the week you're wanting it for.
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how much do rental cars cost for a week?

the average price of a rental car per day is about $35. some companies now offer the option to rent by the week, with rates between $182 and $1,345 depending on vehicle size and location. determine what your budget is for the week you want to rent, then choose how much time you will be renting for. if you can't find an available car size in your price range near where you are visiting, consider traveling one hour away so that there might be more choices available.
good news! there are other options besides just renting a car for that week. one alternative is using public transportation or sharing rides through technology like uber or lyft for distances up to 150 miles each way (which would give you

is it cheaper to rent a car for a week?

if you're going to be driving around a lot, then it may be cheaper for you to rent a car. converting kilometers into miles will simplify the calculation of how far your driving would go on a given tank of gas.
tip: use our nifty calculator at www.costcoauto.com/fuel-calculator if you want to know how much fuel your new or current car gets per mile!

in converting kilometers into miles, one kilometer converts to .62 miles; resulting in this formula: 1 km * .62 = 1 mile worth of fuel used, for each kilometer driven (1). knowing the amount in kilomateres like 500 km translates 500km / 500mi results in 1

how much does renting a car cost?

the average price of renting a car for a week is about $90.
insignificant factors will have different effects on this average price, from the car's make and model to geographical location.
while there are some offers out there with the cost of renting cars, they usually come with significant catch-basis such as mandatory insurance coverage or canisters that require only 5-10mpg.
for instance, avis premier confers free gas in addition to all other perks, but costs an additional $43/day due to the fee for a luxury sedan class vehicle.
additionally, there are always differing rates when it comes to specialty vehicles such as sports cars or suvs–the risks associated with each

what is the cheapest way to rent a car?

there are a number of ways to find the cheapest car rental possible.

look for coupons on sites like travelocity or kayak, ask your work or corporate travel department for corporate rates with certain agencies, call individual agencies and ask what discount rates they offer (sometimes you can get different prices based on availability of their fleet), and then research each of the available options online to narrow down which company and rate will give you the best deal.

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