How much is it to rent a car from enterprise

Enterprise car rental charges $27.95 for its small car rental, $40.95 for the medium and $62.25 for the large rental fee, with a one-day charge of $8 an hour after 15 minutes or 18 miles and one dollar per mile thereafter.

The type of car will be determined by your circumstance and budget needs – we offer both economy and full-size cars at our airport locations, while there are only economy available outside of the airport area. to get more information on the specifics of our rates in your area, please give us a call at (800) 321-0712 or visit enterpriseonlinecars.com/.
please note that pricing does vary between location; these rates apply to

How much is a rental car for a week at enterprise?

The average cost of renting a car for one week ranges anywhere from $250 to $350, depending on the distance you need to drive.

If you are deciding between renting or not, it will depend heavily upon how far you'll need to drive and for what purpose (e.g., grocery shopping). for example, if your destination is five miles away but an essential piece of equipment–say a child's wheelchair–is dropped off at your home before you head out on holiday then maybe air travel or rail will be better options. factoring in time required during the search process might also impact final decision (i.e., waiting 30-minutes for check-in versus no wait with rental car company).
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What are enterprise fees?

Enterprise fees are used to calculate the monitization value for an app. developers can create their own enterprise fee or pay google play's enterprise fee. enterprise fees are calculated as 10% of the total number of paid installs, with a maximum fee of $5,000. for example, if your app was downloaded 1 million times and you chose google play's enterprise fee then your monthly payment would be $10k/month ($500/day). developers should note that google's pricing tier gets higher at under 1 million downloads because there is less revenue share loss. the difference between 5k enterprises vs 10k enterprises is only about 2-3% difference in terms of how quickly it will offset cost so developers should think about

How much does it cost a day to rent from enterprise?

The national average cost of renting a car from enterprise is $263.99 per day. the national average includes surcharges and taxes, but does not include any discounts. if the applicant qualifies for the aarp discount, military discount, or best price guarantee (enterprise's version of competitive pricing), the price will be lower than if they do not qualify for these discounts. for example, qualifying to receive enterprise's best price guarantee typically lowers daily pricing by roughly 10%. applicants who are also eligible for an aarp discount should expect their daily rental rates to be even cheaper than those who qualify only for enterprise's best price guarantee.”

Is it cheaper to rent a car for a week?

The answer is no, you will always save money renting a car for a week from an established company then from a disreputable site. for one thing, the cheap sites don't offer insurance and you probably won't buy up on it through your credit card. if anything happens while you're behind the wheel, any medical bills or damages could quickly add up to more than if you had driven with coverage. not to mention some of these companies charge a lot more when they see your credit card information and see that you live in a wealthier city like new york city or chicago. these new challenges make getting around difficult because many apps don't work well overseas (in europe) and not all drivers can navigate complex european highways without lane

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