How much is the apple car

Elon musk, ceo of tesla motors and chairman of solar city recently unveiled what he called “the car of the future”.

the new electric car is called an “apple car”, and has a sleek design, all-wheel drive and other features that provide consumers with a stylish and environmentally friendly option. when asked about how much it would cost to purchase an apple car, the company only released the following statement: “tesla will not conduct a traditional pre-order campaign for model 3. instead we invite interested persons to place $1,000 as a reservation deposit as part of our effort to expand such economic opportunity.” just one day after apple cars were revealed on april 01 2016 they sold close to 160,000 cars! considering this

how much does the apple car cost?

there is no apple car. don't be fooled by the hype of a bunch of bloggers on twitter and youtube talking about it…it's pure nonsense.

in an interview with abc news, he said “we have been working on autonomous driving for a few years.” he further confirmed that there is no plans to release a car yet because apple already has their hands full with other endeavors, but they are still trying to solve many engineering complexities. the project may go on hiatus until these challenges have been resolved, but if anything it just goes to show how real this technology is becoming.

don't invest your money into an old fashioned enterprise like autos when you can enjoy the latest in innovation from companies like uber or tesla instead!

will apple release a car in 2020?

nobody knows but they are working on it.

apple keeps its plans very secret. it's possible, but highly unlikely – apple sets hard deadlines for products so 2020 is too far away to predict any plans yet.

is apple's car real?

if it's not, then it's a very elaborate piece of satire.

it seems that apple is in the business of producing electronic devices and software for other businesses to use, but that doesn't mean they're not capable of building a car. in fact, elon musk said during a conference call last week “if anyone can do it, apple can.” what will make or break this project isn't technology itself but unique user interface interactions–apple has been unique in its ability to produce products with incredible user interfaces. they've done an exceptional job with their laptops and ipads to date–and if they exhibit the same type of innovation with automobile design as they have previously shown with novel devices like smartphones and tablets then i think we'll

will apple build a car?

apple is building a car.
see here for an instance of this being true.

there are rumors of apple creating their own electric vehicle, with auto express reporting that the group has registered several domain names connected to the project seen in the following screenshot below. if these are true, then it appears that one can expect an official release from maybe 2020 or 2021 on.
it's unclear what size of car we're talking about here, but there is expected battery power at hand to create 200 miles of driving range on a single charge – which means 4 hours worth of charging time if needed overnight or during lunch breaks etc.
apple's new hq in cupertino will have parking for 3,000 cars underground when

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