How much of a car can i afford

It really depends. not many people answer this question in a “one-size-fits-all” manner, and you'll probably get the best information when you chat with a car financing company like http://www.carloansdaily.com or to go directly to local dealership and negotiate for yourself although that may take more time to find the right save for your budget
your credit score is another big factor when determining what type of car you can afford; if it's 500+, we'd recommend looking at save from around $25k-$35k, but if it's lower than 500, see below for what brands/models are typically recommended by lenders
also consider your availability of cash upfront because some save require an initial cash

how much car can i afford with my salary?

there are many variables you will need to take into consideration before trying to answer this question. for example, the number of years you want the car, your trade-in value for your current car and how much money you can put on a car as a down payment. it is hard to give an exact amount as there are so many moving pieces that come into play when dealing with cars and coming up with an answer like “$140 per month” is misleading since the prices on cars vary according to year manufacture and mileage. you may be able to afford more than one or maybe even no vehicle depending on what other things you need/want that monthly income for. keeping all those factors in mind i would say spend less than $200

how much car can i afford on 50k salary?

this is a tough question and depends on many factors. however, assuming you'll need to get gas at least twice per week for your job/commutes, want to pay for basic maintenance (oil changes, tire rotations) every other year ($200), and it's wise to be able to save about 1-2 times your annual salary ($10,000-$20,000 minimum). that leaves $3800 – $5400 remaining in take home pay each month which equates to only $460-660 per week. depending on whether or not you will also be covering health care costs and/or paying off student loans while living alone this may not seem like enough money. certainly there are ways that 50k can

what car can i afford with 60k salary?

oftentimes, it's worth taking a look at what makes an individual feel happy. happiness correlates to success in all aspects of life, so new car shoppers may find that there are some compromises they can make on price if they remain mindful of what truly feels satisfying for them.

for example, many people don't need or request more than four wheels and the ability to produce enough power to actually get up hills rather than coast down them. given these modest aspirations, most affordable entry-level vehicles offer at least enough content (a backseat is often included with this minimal spec), which encourages shoppers to focus on considerations like leather seats or heated steering wheels that would never be found in their favorite vehicle when they were earning substantially less

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