How much of a down payment do i need for a car

the amount of a down payment that is required for a car usually depends on the lender. some lenders will require 20%, while others might accept 10%. other factors that may affect the down payment include the reliability of credit history, repayment history, and whether you are using your savings or taking out a loan.

how much should you put down on a $30000 car?

this is a great question! i'm so glad you asked.
the first thing to think about with car prices is the annual percentage rate (apr). you want to buy your car at an apr of 5% or less, if possible. low interest rates, for example, are critical when you're making big purchases like a vehicle that depreciates in value ($30000 can easily drop in price by 30-50% after six years) and has monthly payments ($300 per month equals $3600 each year). low interest rates will make up for lost equity during the life of the loan. low interest rates also mean lower monthly bills over time. that's important because your car is something that'll need attention

how much should you put down on a $12000 car?

the answer is specific to your situation. even though you are buying a car, the questions is not about the value of the purchase but rather how much you should put down on it. some people will be able to put down more than others, depending on if they have credit established already or not. if you haven't reached out and asked for other quotes and offers, we can't tell you exactly what to do without knowing other details about your income and payment history so it's time to start looking around before taking any steps forward.

there are many lenders who provide car loans with their own benefits and specifications which may or may not be as attractive as those that exist through conventional bank financing, such as better interest rates located at

what is the minimum down payment for a car?

the minimum down payment for a car is typically around 20% of the cost of the vehicle. of course, this amount can vary depending on your credit score if financing.

many dealerships will allow the purchase to go forward with as little as 10% cash down but these are more difficult to come by. when buyers put less than 20% cash down they often have to purchase coverage called gap insurance where they would pay part of the difference above their specified limit in order to cover any shortfall should something go wrong with their new vehicle. this coverage may also be required where there is an “offer” accepted that covers only some portion of the cost, allowing you to make up any difference through financing or lease payments at a later date.

is 5000 a good down payment for a car?

probably not

please let us know more information about your situation before we answer this question. if you would like to follow up with our team, here is the direct link to apply for a personal consultation online. our team needs specific information about your income, assets, debt and vehicle purchase for an accurate assessment of what you might qualify for. thank you!

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