How much off msrp for new car

Experian automotive says the average price difference is about $2,400 for a new car, or about 5% off the msrp. they determined this by analyzing edmunds.com data of 30-64 cars on sale in march 2016. however many people will find they can negotiate to get even more savings than that!

how much can you get off a new car msrp?

new cars can usually be negotiated down to 50% of the new car msrp.

as a general rule, there's no such thing as “getting off” a new car. people who actually want to buy a car may find they can “get off” most of what they're asking for, but that will only apply to people looking for really crappy cars. a new car is never discounted or reduced; it is paid at its original cost and no negotiation applies (unless one buys used and not outright).
the best way to deal with buying a vehicle would be:
1) know what you want and shop around
2) test drive the cars
3) negotiate price
4) do

how much lower than msrp can dealers go?

it's a more complicated question than it may seem.

first of all, the msrp is an imputed price which does not represent the actual “cost” of a vehicle to a dealer. the msrp is simply what the manufacturer recommends as a suggested retail price for one unit of their particular brand and model. in some jurisdictions this is also called listing as opposed to retail as cost pricing leads many consumers into thinking that they are getting a great deal when in reality they weren't able to negotiate. this leads us back to the question at hand, how much can dealers go below msrp? and from my experience it depends on the dealership and vehicle but on average i would say 10%-15% off, on rare occasion

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