How much should i be paying for car insurance

If you're looking to purchase car insurance online, there are a number of different companies out there. the price depends on what kind of coverage you are looking for. some considerations include your region, if the car is covered under your parents' policy or if it has been financed, and other factors beyond just term lengths. keep in mind that some carriers may offer discounts or deals that could save you money – one blog post by nerd wallet did an extensive review that suggested usaa would be the cheapest among top ten small employers with nationwide coverage.

how much should i be paying in auto insurance?

that's a difficult question to answer without some information about the situation and your location. there are many factors to consider such as: your age, how long you've been driving, what type of vehicle you use, where you live and whether or not any criminal charges have ever come up in your background check. you can get an estimate on car insurance rates at

how much do you pay for car insurance per month?

the national average is about $150.

it would be costly to make an accurate estimate without knowing specific details of your own situation, but it's safe to say that you should count on paying at least a hundred dollars per month for insurance on the typical mid-sized vehicle.
you can spend less if you purchase liability coverage only or by increasing who is covered under the policy. higher deductibles may also reduce your monthly premiums if you are able to meet them with an extra cash investment. however, please keep in mind that higher deductibles will cause your car insurance premiums to raise if you have any accidents anytime soon after selecting this option because of how damages are paid out when filing a claim. insurers require smaller payments early on

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