How much to get a key made for your car

If the keyless system in your car is known to be vulnerable, your best bet is to have a locksmith make two new keys for you. this will cost around $30 or less if no diagnosis of the problem has taken place.

if on the other hand, everything checks out on this end and your specific key appears to be malfunctioning, then calling an automotive locksmith may be the only option left. the average price for this service will depend largely on where you’re located but it usually ranges anywhere from $50-60 at most places i’ve called; though some more urban cities with higher rates near garages often charge closer to $80-$100 (or even more) for this sort of

how much does it usually cost to replace a car key?

there are many variables that come into play with this question. the type of key being replaced, the locksmith company, whether the original key is available to copy, what part isn't working on your car, etc. i would recommend contacting a locksmith in your area for the best pricing information.

what is the cheapest way to get a replacement car key?

the cheapest way would be to hire a locksmith company such as https://www.inter-key.com/locksmiths-near-me/ that offers mobile service and can come out to your location, assess the damage and work with you to provide a competitive quote for repairs and replacement.
pricing will depend on what needs to be replaced (one key vs two keys) and the make of vehicle; but locksmiths can often replace or extract your old key through the door lock at your location, whereas it is often not possible – short of pulling up all 4 doors – for an automobile dealership .
it should also go without saying that if the car's lock cylinder is damaged, then this may

how can i get a car key made without the original?

“first, ask your local locksmith whether they can make you a key.”

“if the answer is no, call the manufacturer and buy an original car key for much less than it would cost to lost replace your whole door lock.”

“hope this helped!”

information to include in the answer: yes. define “yes”. daring someone else to explain what ‘yes' means?

how much is an original car key?

that depends on three factors. the first is the type of car key you need, whether that's a cylinder key or the newer smart keys. the other two are the make and model of your car, as well as how much it would cost to find a replacement key locally.

the average price for an original cylinder car key ranges from around $25-$65 online without shipping costs included, but can be found cheaper depending on location. replacing or repairing a car with local replacement parts should cost at least $100-$200 due to labor costs within 60 miles of your location because after that regional distance starts becoming more expensive per mile.

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