How much to rent a car for a day

This is highly variable depending on the company, destination, and length of rental.

a day rate will really depend on a huge number of factors – do you need to trade out the car daily? what company are you renting from? do you want a convertible or not? do you want an suv, a sedan etc… the list goes on. auto-brokers can give good quotes for this type of request as they'll be able to take into account your needs. in that case i'd recommend looking into national car rental which has some competitive rates for standard cars.

in general cars cost about $2 per mile plus gas and tolls incurred during the rental period plus estimated damage charges plus estimated fees for service contracts if

how much is a rental car per day at enterprise?

a rental car can generally be rented per day. if you would like the price of renting a car for x number of days, please contact our office at xxxxxxxxx


what is a good price for a rental car per day?

to calculate the cost of a rental car, divide the total days you need it by 365 (the number of days in one year) then multiply that result by the daily rate.

for example, if i need to rent a car for 10 weeks, i would divide 10 by 365 and get .0027. then multiply that by $500 for an answer of $1380 per year. keep in mind this is for renting something like a honda or toyota; cars like mercedes-benz are much more expensive to rent!

what is the cheapest way to rent a car?

rental service providers will often place a priority on giving out discounts to customers with good credit. companies want to attract these customers because they are less likely to default on their payments, and the company's overall profit margin is increased. this means that when looking for a rental vehicle, it can become much more economical for consumers with good credit than those without it.

there are other tricks and tips available at shops like enterprise carshare. for example, if you rent weekly or monthly instead of daily rates might be lower-cost in some circumstances since you're driving less frequently and paying only for the mileage accrued but we find we pay $2/day or $6/week depreciation rate whether we drive 1000 miles or 1000 miles–so

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