How old do you have to be to rent a car in hawaii

Most insurance companies will allow drivers as old as seventy-five to rent a car. however, different policies may differ in regards to coverage.

in order to be eligible for an insurance policy that permits those over the age of seventy-five from renting a vehicle, you would have to pass a number of tests without any problems before being offered a policy with such lenient eligibility rules. the tests include standard vision and hearing screenings, as well as evaluations of one's cognitive health and mental stability. if you have dementia or alzheimer’s disease, for example, it is unlikely that your application would be accepted by any rental company or their affiliated insurer.

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how old do you have to be to rent a car from enterprise hawaii?

you have to be 18 years old to rent a car from enterprise hawaii.

enterprise rent-a-car is proud to provide renters of all ages with low rates, high quality vehicles and excellent customer service. additionally, kids may ride for free when accompanied by an adult renter or driver 21 or older. on occasion, state laws regulate car rental agency policies more strictly than do our company policies. regardless of your age at the time of rental, you must abide by these higher restrictions imposed on renters in your specific area. please contact us if you need more information about renting with enterprise hawaii!

can you rent a car from hertz at 18?

yes you can! you just have to be a hertz gold plus rewards member.
the minimum age for gold membership is 18. to apply, drivers must have a us driver's license in their name and lease or own a vehicle that meets the eligibility requirements
additionally, rewards points will expire after five years from the date they were earned. new gold plus rewards members are awarded 10,000 bonus points on top of what they receive from earning rental hours with hertz when they join. but don't worry, keeping your account active with any number of rentals per year won't change your expiration date and will help protect against losing all those hard-earned credits! if you're not quite ready to become a member then

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