How old do you have to be to test drive a car

As long as you're over 18, visit a car dealership and inquire if they do test-drives! most people get their first car when they turn 16 or even younger.

wondering what to do before buying a new vehicle? take a test drive! for a few bucks, usually less than $10, some dealers will let you take the car off the lot for an hour or so with them following in the right lane while you try it out. some dealerships won't allow this but there are plenty that will. and of course don't forget about bringing your driver's license just in case it is required by law.

so go on down to your nearest dealership and have them know how old you are ahead

can you test drive a car under 25?

yes, anyone over age 18 can.

if the driver is 18 or older and has a valid license, they're good to go. the age restriction was created to keep teenagers from being able to drive under someone else's supervision. it is illegal for a car dealership, person or company to sell a vehicle that does not have a current state inspection sticker showing that it meets emissions requirements in your county. if you are suspicious, you can ask the dmv if the dealer has an inspection sticker on file for this specific vehicle.

why do dealerships not allow people below 25 years old?

the dealer will require an additional form of identification apart from just your drivers license at point of purchase as well as state permission paperwork for driving off

can you test drive a car if you're 18?


however, if you're the first driver of the car ever they may not be keen on allowing it without a thorough inspection. you'll need to drive off property for that. each owner is different, but most likely they'll allow you to take it out for one or two hours so long as your 18 years old and have successfully passed your driving exam – remember to bring your license with you! all told, there are not many circumstances in which teenagers are restricted from getting behind the wheel these days so don't worry too much about needing parental consent or anything like that. go ahead and find yourself a nice country lane near the dealership if it's what you're looking for!

what age can you test drive cars?

18 years old or older

testing drives are commonly marketed by car dealerships, with the intention of getting you to buy a car. dealerships will often make it sound like their deal is worth taking because they'll let you take the car for a few hours before committing. it's never a good idea to make an expensive purchase on the spur of the moment that feels right “now” but may not seem so great in hindsight. you can test drive any new or used vehicle manufactured after 1950, but most states have laws against driving anything built after 1990 if you're under license suspension or without proof of insurance.”

do what you know is right for your situation and live your life accordingly instead of being persuaded by car

can i test drive a car at 21?

you have to be 18 years or older.

in order to sign a contract, you need permission from your parent or legal guardian so it would be an irresponsible move
that could result in negative consequences for you and others essentially due to the possible damage incurred by the potential unexpecting person signing on their behalf. you have to be 18 years or older. if you are not, then there is nothing that i can do about it being illegal at this time in my experience.

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