How old you have to be to rent a car

Generally, you must be at least twenty-eight (28) years old to rent a car.

however, exceptions can be made for renters who are over the age of nineteen (19) so long as they present two forms of valid id. one form of identification should show their date of birth, and the other form should show their signature. these renters will need to sign an agreement that will act as an acknowledgement that they accept liability for any damage caused by the vehicle during the period in which they rented it. they may also be required to pay a renter's fee or provide personal or commercial insurance coverage for rental autos not covered by hertz gold plus rewards® membership at time of rental; each agency will have their own

can you rent a car at 18 in the us?

no, you can't rent a car at 18.

the minimum age to rent a car in the us is 21 (source: aaa). this is due to california state law; california also refuse to issue drivers licenses for underage drivers under the age of 18. it's possible that other states follow this model and offer their own answer or list of sources if they could be contacted through email before submitting your post.

if it sounds like something we should include, we'll do research on these kinds of topics and find more sources! until then, i clap for this amazing post you've added! thank you. <3 🙂

can a 19 year old rent a car?

most auto rental agencies will charge an additional fee for drivers who are under the age of 25 besides charging an initial one-way daily rate. some companies, like hertz, may rent to drivers as young as 18 or 19 years old if they can present a valid driver's license and provide major identification like their passport. but other major car rental agencies like enterprise typically require individuals to be at least 24 years old with minimum three months of driving experience in order to rent a vehicle. even if you are able to rent from enterprise, you will have to decline the coverage offered by the company because it does not allow customers under 21 acceptance for insurance purposes–which is required per florida law.
generally speaking, there are few restrictions

can you rent a car under the age of 20?

yes, but with caveats. the credit card on file has to be in the name of an eligible renter over 20 years old, the renter's driver's license must have been issued by one of these states or international equivalents that are approved by car2go for driver verification purposes, and the renter must mention when booking that they are under 20 years old.

*car-sharing company given as one example.* your answer should mention car-share companies like car2go – at least two sentences* should go into detail about the policies mentioned in the question (yes), if it is limited to certain jurisdictions (which states or their equivalences) (issued by valid license holders in places like colorado), what else

can a 21 year old rent a car in california?

insurance companies vary for each states, so check with the specific company to see.

some car rental companies don't allow you to rent a car if you're under 25. your age may also have an effect on how much you'll need to pay for your insurance. in some cases it'll be necessary for adults over 25 who want to rent a car too purchase a renter's or public liability policy from the company in order to cover vehicular accidents caused by themselves but not damage done by others. this will usually be an extra cost around $30/day and is different depending on what state they are renting it out in—for example, lax has a higher rate than reno does because of the dangerous inclines that go

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