How to build a mousetrap car

With a screwdriver.

a mousetrap car is just an everyday toy, so it's really not too difficult to build one. a good starting point would be to find mousetraps at the dollar store or walmart, then find some screws that are long enough on the same aisle as where they live. generally, choosing two of each will make for more thrilling trips around the office flanked by cubicles and human co-workers. and if you happen to want/need more screws or wacky traps later, invest in something with “touch n go” technology — they're easy! go shopping after lunch.

how do you make a simple mousetrap car?

to create a simple mousetrap car, you will need to take a rod and stick it inside the rectangular hole in one side of the plank. next, add a bucket or small taint on top of this rod so that it can roll easily down. finally, attach four wheels onto the outside edges of the plank so that it looks like something cars are made out of. when you push down on the other end of the plank with your foot, all four wheels should touch the ground which should then cause your car to move forward!

if time allows for other materials, any other materials – cardboard/paper clips for stabilizers on an axle mechanism system to serve as stabilizing levers against each wheel's rotational motion

what is the best way to build a mousetrap car for distance?

here is a video lesson with some tips and guidelines for how to build an action-packed mousetrap car: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9a9ezdbfmh4&index=9&list=pl093ecc08440cb049#t=2

their majesty's dog has always been the most readily available mouse hunter, but cornered they can be quite ferocious opponents. the mouse catcher design seen here was originally built by mr jed fosters of dayton ohio in 1920 and was patented on jan 2 1921. it features a powerful spring mechanism that when activated forces the lever which raises the large net to its full vertical position catching any rodent

what do you need to build a mousetrap car?

firstly one would need to secure a wheelbase. secondly something to hold the mousetrap. the levers should be fixed in place then fixed to the wheelbase where they can release at a set time from their loops. the now open loop releases the cog into rotation which is used as a drive sprocket, and alternately sets free another cog at its other end so that also rotates, this being positioned inside a wooden base platform with guides or tracks around its perimeter so it moves round in an endless circle giving power to the treadle so necessary for propelling it forwards towards any target intent on avoiding capture under its “sabot”.

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