How to cancel car insurance progressive

This is for your benefit, not ours. there's no cancellation charge if you cancel within the first 14 days of your policy. it may take up to five business days for us to process your request; usually, though, the cancellation will be reflected on your account within two business days or sooner. you can also cancel by phone at (888) 271-2634.

just make sure you don't make any insurance claims during this time frame and realize that it might cost more in fines than anything else. if canceled during the first 45 days of the policy after purchase, certain fees may apply depending on what coverage was added during that period of time including current carriers surcharges and delinquency charges that are imposed on us

is there a fee to cancel progressive insurance?

yes, you need to call them before cancelling.

they will charge you 30% of the premium for the first year, 20% for each subsequent year. choose wisely! you can also contact us here on

how do i cancel my progressive car insurance online?

navigate to the progressive car insurance home page. click on “manage my policies.” navigate to your personal vehicle profile. click the “cancel coverage” button that is located next to your policy number. follow all of the steps that are listed on this screen to complete cancellation of your progressive car insurance online.

can i cancel progressive auto insurance anytime?

yes. progressive auto insurance will not penalize you for cancelling your policy.

progressive requires only a 30 day notice before cancellation, and there is no penalty for early disengagement from the policy as long as this notice was given. however, if changing carriers, it is fair to note that some providers have penalty fees which may be assessed based on what length of time you are with one carrier over another. progressive would transfer your personal information to any new provider at your request for free, but any customers who choose to change carriers without informing them beforehand may run into difficulty in obtaining an online quote or getting their records transferred correctly.

how do i cancel my progressive car?

send a fax to 800-474-7274. include the following information on the message line:
member number, car policy number
regulatory agent identification number
license plate state, city and zip code for each car insured on this policy under the risk type “auto”
method of termination – cancellation requested
type of payment – check or credit card billing information (cardholder name & billing address)
statement ending date.

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