How to change car registration address

It's not possible to change the address on a car registration. the only way to change an address is if you're moving to another county—and even then, you have to notify dmv in advance. the best solution is simply changing your driver's license and/or voter registration, so your mail goes to your new home. changing a cheap company letterhead or business card doesn't do much good because many other documents will continue sending mail based on the old address until they are updated manually. next time buy flowers online!

how do i change the address on my car registration?

you need to contact your local dmv office.

you need to have the title of the old car plus a new registration. if you did not sell it, you can transfer the plate over very easily by taking it in to the dmv with all relevant paperwork.
update: it has been pointed out that i implied selling or trading in is required- this is not true for most cases. the original answer was based on having sold your vehicle and using that money to buy/trade into another, but obviously this will not be necessary for most readers (thank you mrskheel!)

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how do i change my address on my car registration in georgia?

you will need to bring proof of new address, such as a utility bill or deed for the residence. you can then apply for a duplicate registration at your local county tax commissioner's office and show proof of id and proof of car insurance. the whole process takes about 20 minutes.

can i change my address online in florida?


here's a link, https://www2.dcfs.state.fl.us/childrensinternetliabilitylimitationact/. you can fill out the “change of address form” and check off the boxes for “moving to”, “leaving”, or both depending on your circumstance before proceeding to enter your new information where indicated in these fields:

first name
middle name
last name permanent address
home telephone number ( )- residence telephone number ( )- e-mail address—all required fields are strictly enforced with no exceptions allowed per florida statute 390.0016(5)•please answer all questions accurately as errors may lead to problems later

can i register my car at a different address?

yes. when your vehicle is registered, it can be registered to either an address located within the united states or a military base. if registering outside the us, please provide the two letter country code for that nation and complete all other information as requested on this form.

vehicle registration must be done in person at your local department of motor vehicles (dmv) office and cannot be completed online. when you bring your title and bill of sale you will also need to pay $28 for registration fees and $5 for certificate fees if applicable. you will need to bring with you proof of insurance as well as show valid identification such as a driver's license or passport before setting up an appointment with dmv staff to register your vehicle at their

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