How to change oil in a car

Unfortunately, the oil change process varies depending on the type of vehicle. however, in general it is good to remove anything near your feet before you begin, make sure your handbrake is applied and/or up (depending on which model) and take note of any fluid dripping down.
you should put petroleum jelly around all rubber seals like oil caps, radiator plugs or gaskets that will face pressure while under use during the refill process. you can then remove any cap or plug covered by petroleum jelly with one hand; while using your other hand for leverage. always ensure that the lid locks back into place once you're finished. remember to take off gauges like oil pressure gauges which may interfere with a clean seal

is changing oil easy?

i'll try to give a thorough answer.

yes, changing oil for your car is very doable. you just have to be careful about where you're doing it- not on the side of the road, not underneath a rickety table, and away from any possible spills because these things can happen quite easily if you're negligent or careless. if you change oil over a bed of cardboard or newspapers, then minimal cleanup will be necessary because all you have to do at that point is put the soiled material in a trash bag and voila!
to avoid stains on your driveway or patio tiles, lay down old towels as an extra precautionary measure before you pour out that bucket o' nasty crap from under your car

how do you change the oil on a car?

change the oil:
-purchase a quart of the engine oil recommended by your car's manufacturer and change it (it will come with instructions, use them)
-purchase a new filter and replace the dirty one (with instructions too)

what else can you do to improve your car's performance before you take it into the shop? that depends what repairs they recommend. otherwise, refresh coolant or antifreeze (follow these instructions). if your gas gauge registers incorrectly after having been filled up, you may need tire rotation. check air pressure in all four tires using this guide. examine lights – brake and turn signal indicator should be off if no bulb is burned out. unlocking high beams during daylight should

can i just put new oil in my car?


look, don't get us wrong. we love picking tires just as much as the next maintenance guy. but unless you are having major mechanical trouble with your engine or transmission, it's not likely to have anything to do with what is causing your worn out treads. besides, new oil in this case doesn't help anything besides maybe help seal up some leakages in the gasket system of the engine which has a) nothing to do with wheels and b) also might not even be the problem since – oh look you changed your oil! you are all set now! nothing wrong with you spare tire in the back seat.(thats how they

can you change car oil by yourself?

no! car oil needs to be changed by a certified mechanic.

you're risking severe engine damage, something that could lead to expensive repairs or an engine replacement. it's about safety because improper installation of auto equipment due to inexperience may also result in sub-par work which can be lethal. this is for your best interest and the benefit of all drivers on the road with you. please supervise any car maintenance project conducted by people linked with your vehicle.

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