How to charge a car battery without a charger

You could try using a battery charger connected to a second, fresh lead-acid battery. to do this safely you need to be aware of fire safety and have proper ventilation if doing so indoors. be sure to wear goggles as well as gloves. connect both batteries together with jump leads as tightly as possible and check their voltage levels before attempting the charge process, if the two batteries are different voltages then don't attempt charging at all or you'll risk making things worse.
using household current from a wall socket
attach alligator clips onto a car battery terminal, place them onto a power socket on an electricity outlet near the car. this will send out electrical current through your jumper cables directly back into the other terminal on your dead

how can you charge a car battery without a charger?

batteries on a car are powered by immense amounts of energy. for every 24 hours your battery can hold up to 12 amperes. to charge a single ampere, you would need over 264 hours to be done recharging the battery.

in order to avoid this hefty wait time, one must attempt other methods such as charging from another vehicle or from solar panels, which has become increasingly popular in recent times and is also environmentally friendly and affordable for most people looking for off-grid power sources.
also, there's always jumper cables that could come in handy with any type of situation not just charging! make sure you know how very well before trying it out though; we recommend watching this youtube video if you're

how do you manually charge a car battery?

if you're talking about an engine battery, the process is nearly identical to starting up your car, but more steps are involved.
1) put safety glasses on
2) open hood of car and inspect battery terminal posts – if they look corroded or damaged, replace them with new ones.
3) check the battery fluid level – this should be full at all times because it's necessary for good electrical conductivity. add distilled water only after following step 4!
4) test that alternator belt tension by prying it back loosely with a screwdriver – there shouldn't be much give in it when pushed forward slowly with your hand. the belt should also not lose its shape when pulled back slowly with your

how do you charge a 12 volt battery without a charger?

it's possible to charge a 12 volt battery without a charger but it would require a lot of work. you would need to remove ∼9 volts from the battery and attach it to another 12 volt system in order for the remaining 3 volts needed by the 12 volt battery.

it could be done, but it would take about 16 hours/100 ah dc at 30 amps dc that you probably don't have near enough time or power supply for. at that rate, charging 1 100 ah x 30 a hour device would take 1300 hours so you'd need over 10 years worth of power at 30a = 330kwatts continuous or 400 million kwhrs! or 150 years worth of power if given access to four 100 kwatt wind

can you charge a car battery with a phone charger?

yes, but the charge will not last long.

this is a myth that has been circulating around with no evidence or scientific research to back it up. the idea was brought up in order to advocate for the use of public charging stations and addresses a concern of people's reluctance to do so because they didn't know how long their phone would last. the likelihood of a charger being able to do more than a trickle charge overnight is slim-to-none from what is currently known from studies on optimal current input/output practices when using an external power supply for charging batteries.

in the event that this does work, you'll be shortening your battery life dramatically and risking damage which could render your battery useless. moreover,

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