How to check recalls on my car

Enter the vehicle identification number (vin) in the vehicle recall lookup tool provided by nhtsa. if you don't know your vin, consult your owner's manual or dealer.
nhtsa provides up-to-date information when there are recalls on models of possible interest to you. when applicable, updates will mention any fixes available for these recalls issued by automakers. local dealerships can perform these fixes at various times and cost levels. contact with your local dealership to inquire about service availability where you live if it is not listed on the website below during regular business hours.*
*please note that recalls may be necessary for safety purposes, so driving a car without these corrections may result in an increased risk of

how do i find out if my car is on a recall list?

log in to www.safercar.gov and type in the vehicle identification number (vin).

are recalls on cars free?

it depends on the time frame you are being asked.

if it is before the manufacturer's warranty has expired, yes, in most cases major recalls are free of charge to fix/replace. however, if it is after the manufactures warranty has expired there may be a cost that you will have to cover in order to complete repairs. there are also auto companies that try and lure customers in with deals by already charging them for any potential repairs when they buy their car. if they decide to come out with a recall within this window, then customers would have no choice but to pay for any fixes/replacements up front or risk not being able to get their money back when they sell or trade in their vehicle later on down the road

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