How to check status of car title

It is virtually impossible to sell a car in most states without having the car title in-hand.

you'll need to go down your local dmv and request a temporary title (please make sure you have all of your paperwork in order, like proof of registration). after that, go back into the dmv with this temporary title and they will then issue you the brand new certificate of ownership! one more stop at the ca bmv (license service) office for your new plates.
piece o' cake!

how long does it take for my title to arrive?

it takes 1-2 days for the title to be processed after payment is made.

can i access my car title online?

go to https://www.dmv.ca.gov/online/titles/index and click on “view vehicle registration history – vehicle title or plates” then choose “renew vehicle registration.”

how do you check if a car has a clean title?

there are two different ways to check if a car has a clean title.

the first way is to contact the auction house of the original sale of the vehicle, ask for them to verify whether or not they have clear title copies on hand, and then get in touch with the seller again. the second way is by using an online service called autocheck – they'll run a report for you and they'll give you complete information about any accidents associated with that number plate. you can find out so much more than just whether it's got, say finance owing on it–you'll know exactly who owns it in most cases, so if they're in financial difficulties when selling it they may be trying to offload something that doesn't

how can i get the title to my car?

the source of your car title should be the individual or business that was the last to register (license) it.

if you purchase a used vehicle privately, ownership transfer will only happen when both parties sign an “assignment” form. conversely, if you buy it from a dealer, they'll typically automatically take care of transferring ownership over to your name. but even in this instance, make sure to get all necessary paperwork (registration card and bill of sale). if the previous owner has not registered their car with dmv since selling it or gifting it away, then they are still considered its legal owner and must sign the assignment form so that you may obtain a new title in your name. and remember: always have a mechanic

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