How to clean rims on car

It's important to clean your rims before you start to get heavy buildup of brake dust. a good way to do this is with a very wet rag and some dish soap applied equally on both sides of the rag – then wash each side of the rim in circular motion. rinse that off and dry thoroughly thereafter. for extra protection, paint clear nail polish or silicone resin onto your rims for an added layer of protection from future brake dust accumulation!

what can you use to clean car rims?

the best way to clean car rims is to use a high-grit wet/dry sandpaper, acetone or nail polish remover, and an old toothbrush. merely washing the rims with soap will only concentrate all the grease in one place, whereas cleaning them with these products will ensure that you remove all the dirt from every area of the rim. include a little rubbing alcohol for good measure- it not only acts as a solvent but has an added benefit of disinfecting any germs left over on your rim. after you are done scrubbing down your wheel's surface using this method, rinse off all residue using water to have shiny rims that don't require waxing often!


what is the easiest way to clean rims?

a lint-free cloth, dash of water and a hint of dish soap is all it takes!

how do you deep clean rims?

well, you need to first remove the tire, then use a wire brush and some solvents to scrub off all the grime. secondly, rinse the rim with mild dish soap and water before spraying it down with plain water.
lastly, take an acidic baking powder solution (1 cup of lemon juice + 1 tablespoon of baking powder for every color) to spot clean any remaining corrosion or oxidant spots on your rims. then dry thoroughly using soft cotton cloths.

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