How to clean you car

It is important to clean your car regularly. if you do not, then all the dirt that collects on your seats and other surface areas will be absorbed into them which can lead to serious damage to the fabric. many people often think that it is easier to just vacuum out their cars instead of taking the time to wash the exterior of their vehicle with soap and water, but this technique really doesn’t work. vacuuming leaves streaks or swirls on the exterior because it doesn't completely cleanse these surfaces like soap does. it's also necessary for maintaining a healthy lifestyle – research has shown links between increased respiratory issues due to increased particulate matter in our airways due to buildup from automobiles that are not maintained properly.”

what is the best way to clean your car?

many people think they can just use water and elbow grease to clean their car, but that’s not usually enough. ammonia-based cleaners are the most popular option because they are powerful, inexpensive, and work quickly on tough stains. there are many types available at gas stations or big box stores for around $5-$7 per bottle. the brand doesn’t matter too much as long as you use a cleaner cut with water rather than the concentrated type of cleaner  straight out of the container .

be aware that some ammonia-based cleaners contain highly irritating chemicals like methyl alcohol which can be harmful if left on skin for prolonged periods of time . make sure to wear rubber gloves while using

how do i clean the interior of my car?

start by vacuuming the interior to get rid of all the dust and hair. then, use a microfiber towel or wiper to wipe down your dashboard and door panels (including inside handles). finish with a damp car sponge for rub-down surfaces like chrome trims.
when you're finished, vacuum again and let the car air out for 20 minutes before driving it back home. when drying off any excess water droplets, avoid using coarse materials such as paper towels as they will scratch up your light paint job! as always take care not fall victim to those pesky ‘helpful advice' posts that suggest using products containing dangerous chemicals such as dish soap. what people don't tell you is that these materials will create an

what household products can i use to clean the inside of my car?

for an occasional deep-cleaning of your car’s interior, use a solution created with three parts vinegar and one part water. for day to day cleaning and maintenance, substitute water for white vinegar in the ratio of 1 cup per gallon of warm tap water. this will clean most dirt, spills, stains and protect against mildew buildup. vinegar is non-toxic, low odor and makes everything shine with its natural disinfectant action on surface materials. rinse surfaces or fabrics thoroughly with fresh clear warm potable water after using the vinegar solution. if this does not properly sanitize all surfaces you can rinse again using plain white distilled household bleach diluted one tablespoon per quart (a strong sanitizier). never

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