How to connect iphone to car bluetooth

Connect your iphone to a bluetooth device by going into your iphone settings and selecting the bluetooth feature.

in order for your phone to connect with car bluetooth, you'll need two things from this list:
-cellular data on the car status page of general settings
-tethering set as current network or off network on wi-fi in cellular section of general settings. once that's done, select “yes.” you will then be able to see whether the wireless tether is on or off under devices >> tethering & portable hotspot.

if tethering is set up and running and you still can't pair with your car, delete airplanes mode notification: go into air

how do i pair my iphone with my car bluetooth?

– in order to get an up-to-date bluetooth software, make sure your iphone is plugged into a power source and connected to the internet. this will ensure that you have been updated with the newest bluetooth technology from apple.
– once in settings, select “bluetooth,” and there you will find all of your devices near by whether it be in car or headphones.
– select “add new device” and when prompted for name enter “my car.” when prompted for passcode, it asks which kind we would like to use… we want to connect using audio so select audio under connection options.

– under what do you want this device's role?, select audio streaming (a2dp). this

why is my iphone not connecting to my car bluetooth?

if your iphone is not connecting to your car bluetooth, you may want to check the following location for availability.

how do i pair my iphone with my car?

apple does not provide a way for you to do this. although, there are many different companies which sell kits and devices that will allow you to sync your iphone with your car.

if you want the most up-to-date information on how to sync an iphone with a car, then we recommend contacting apple or following their step-by-step instructions online. for more information on what's currently available in the market, please speak to a specialist such as yourself about various cable kits and other hardware that can be used to make this happen; they should be able to provide valuable insight into ways in which this process can be completed successfully.

how do i bluetooth pair my phone to my car?

save this sound for bluetooth pairing
arguably, the most important part of doing any complicated task is the planning. there are two main steps to pairing your phone with your car's bluetooth system, and they are planning what you'll do, and taking the time to actually do it.

planning involves having a general understanding of what needs to be done in order to complete your original goal (pairing two objects together) so that when you get around to doing it, it will be less frustrating than if you were unhappy with finishing but not knowing how or why because communications weren't clear. before anything else, read through the manual aka owner's guide for both your phone and for your car. both should have information

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