How to connect iphone to car bluetooth

If you're wanting to connect your iphone with a car's music system, the easiest way is to use a bluetooth adapter. all you have to do is plug in an auxillary cable from the converter into your phone- so if you have an auxillary jack on the back of your phone, simply plug it in and turn on bluetooth pairing mode on both devices. in order for this operation to work properly, be sure that there isn't any static interference from other electronics around the area. this process can be done with really any type of phone or device that has a 3.5mm headphone jack and bluetooth capabilities built-in.

how do i pair my iphone with my car bluetooth?

this will depend on how old your iphone is.

if you're using ios 7 or newer, use settings > general > bluetooth to turn on bluetoothing for audio playback. typically the default setting is off. the phone should then play music through media apps like pandora or spotify that are also paired with the car's system via bluetooth.

if you're using an older version of ios, it's a complicated process and may seem counterintuitive- but don't worry! you can still connect your phone with your car by going to settings>general>bluetooth and turning on bluetoothing for audio playback, which will allow music from media apps like pandora or spotify to play through your radio system.
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why is my iphone not connecting to my car bluetooth?

in order to get your iphone to connect with the bluetooth in your car, it is necessary to disable automatic brightness and change auto-lock timeout. for touch id users, you should also turn off siri & background app refresh while you're away from your vehicle. you'll then want to enable carplay on your device before locking the screen. make sure both devices are connected by wi-fi or cell signal when this process starts.

to disable autolight
settings> general> accessibility> display accommodations > off (regardless if enabled)
to disable auto-lock settings > general > faceid & passcode (or touchid) -> turn off after

how do i pair my iphone with my car?

the first step is to install the sync 3 software on your laptop. next, you'll need to access settings > bluetooth, where you can turn it off and then back on. this will create a device that can be paired with bluetooth. now navigate to settings > general > about phone > status, where your name should now show up under “my devices.” you're now ready to go!
finally, insert the car's usb into the corresponding port in the car's console or fuse panel-that way there are no cords required for pairing. select add a device from my devices until it displays your vehicle information, click finish setup.

complain about not being able to use google maps or phone services except for speakerphone

how do i bluetooth pair my phone to my car?

first, turn on bluetooth on your phone and search the name of the device you want to pair it with.
you should see a code, usually of numbers and letters of few digits.
enter the code on your car's settings panel where it says “bluetooth device”.
it should start searching for devices, then connect instantly. if you need to enter in a passkey or password, note that most modern cars without an external bluetooth adapter will let you use “0000” which is the industry standard for passwords. test everything by making sure you can make calls hands-free while driving! a fair warning though–you might be more likely to text and drive now 🙁

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