How to connect your phone to your car

The quickest and easiest way to connect your phone to your vehicle is through the aux port in the storage compartment at the bottom of your dashboard. aux ports are typically round or square in shape, and can be one sided or double-sided.

since many modern vehicles are equipped with bluetooth capabilities, pairing a phone to a car requires only 1) launching the automobile's bluetooth app on their smartphone 2) provide access for any known devices listed 3) selecting pair 4). a confirmation should be given if successful 5), after which you're all set up! the company that makes your device may have other recommended steps for successfully pairing them – but otherwise, these are all it takes. enjoy being hands-free while driving!

how do i pair my phone to my car?

step 1. hold or touch your phone to the car's antenna on the back of the front seat.
step 2. wait for it to pair
step 3. hit “yes” when prompted to turn bluetooth off and save battery receipt of auto settings

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how do you connect your phone to your car wirelessly?

you can take a wireless fm transmitter and plug it in to the cigarette lighter. so when your phone's playing music, you'll be able to hear it from the speakers in the car. an fm transmits an audio signal through a specific frequency or band of frequencies, typically 87.9 mhz or 88.1 mhz (if that’s available). the sound is then picked up and heard by any radio that has this frequency instead of its own–including radios in cars with built-in antennas tuned to these frequencies for their local stations. read more here https://www.lifewire.com/connect-phone-to-car-for-wireless-audio-395221

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how do i pair my iphone with my car bluetooth?

pairing a phone with a car bluetooth is a relatively easy process. simply follow these steps:

1) turn on bluetooth on your phone and your car's system
2) on the iphone, open “settings>bluetooth” and turn bluetooth on
3)find the device you're looking to pair with by clicking “my devices” from within settings on your smartphone
4)once you find the desired device, select it from those that have been found > then click “connect to this device.” you may have to enter a code, so be sure to write it down somewhere first! then press connect on both devices. it should take a few seconds for both devices to sync up successfully. once they

why is my bluetooth not connecting to my car?

you either may need calling your manufacturer to diagnose the problem or you can try these steps. first, start with a hard reset of the stereo by removing the fuse for 10 minutes. second, remove all non bluetooth devices from your car and put them aside so it will focus on connecting to your phone next. lastly, restart your car engine and calling device then hold the power button until you see “power off” on screen then power back on again then put service into pairing mode. that should do it!

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