How to find the invoice price of a car

You can't determine the invoice price of a car. the best way to find the kelley blue book price is by finding other cars in its class and seeing how much they are usually priced at (mileage, age, extras should be taken into account).

however, if you search for “kbb,” it will bring up a list of sites that might have this information. if you're curious about pricing models for cars — especially hybrids and electric/hybrid vehicles — we've compiled an article or two on these topics recently that may interest you:

– http://blog.caranddriver.com/whitepapers/schedule-a-test-drive/?utm_source=social&utm_medium

do car dealers have to show you the invoice?

it depends on the state of origin.
generally, dealers are required to show you everything on the invoice unless they filled it out themselves. however, there are some states in which vendors can elect not to show you because these states allow automobile leases or conditional sales contracts.

however, if we assume that you mean “invoices” and not “taxes,” and in these non-mandatory states (states where cars don't need to be titled), then absolutely–invoices could benefit potential customers by giving them a more accurate representation of what their car is worth when they're thinking about selling it later down the road; when dealers choose not to show invoices, customers can't get an idea of how much

how do i find dealer invoice price using vin number?

i'm sorry, i don't know. that information is not available to the public.

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