How to fix a car

The car might need a new muffler, or exhaust pipe. the problem may be located deeper within the engine and require an inspection of the vehicle to diagnose and fix. this could include emptying an obstructed carburetor to get it running smoothly; replacing a damaged timing belt; changing the oil and filter; cleaning fuel injectors that pass along droplets of gasoline into your engine which then ignite. other possibilities that may contribute to your car not starting include battery problems such as corrosion, failing alternators, dead parts in an electrical system like ignition coils; dirty fuel lines may also cause lack of power-play with carburetors and throttle jacks jammed because old dirt clogs the fine screens over air intake valves through

how can i learn to fix cars?

i actually don't know of any colleges specifically for fixing cars. most mechanics get their degree in auto-mechanic or some other related trade. you can google around and see if you come up with anything, but i would recommend the suggestion of self-taught classes to familiarize yourself with basic components and how they work.

if you're seriously considering this as a career path, it might be worth looking into professional certification courses like ase (automotive service excellence) and eta (established technical associates). getting on some mechanic job training programs while working on your skills during the day will make you more employable; we all want one of those guys!

can you fix a car engine?

fix a car engine? anyone can. but the deciding factor is the quality of tools and skills available to you. if you have none, i recommend going out for a joy ride instead because inside every vehicle lurks a horde of really angry pests that don't mind sharing blood with humans. your best bet would be to find an auto garage as fast as possible if your car breaks down on the side of the road before those pesky rodents start taking bites out of your trousers. chances are they will charge less for this service if you bought from them in the first place, rather than trying to get a fair market price from another source hoping for another story altogether…

sounds great! and so much easier than understanding spare parts too

is fixing your own car illegal?

it is only illegal in some cases, and depends on the jurisdiction of your location.

for example, in quebec, individuals must hold a c class driver's license to drive a car. individuals who cannot show such credentials are allowed to make minor repairs under specific circumstances such as on their own property or with another person who holds this license (don't forget the safety glasses!).
however, it may be unlawful for you to fix your car if doing so means you would be driving without having passed your written and practical testing for a certain number of years (12 months in most regions).

clean up: the answer needs commas after “quebec,” “however,” and before “the answer needs.” there should not be

what is the most common repair on a car?

a bad alternator.

if the car's battery dies, it's the most common culprit for not starting a car because it causes electrical problems throughout the engine and gets everything out of whack. alternators, on the other hand, only affect auxiliary systems such as lights and power accessories like radios or air conditioners. when they stop working, usually you just lose those extras and need to replace your belt with an alternator belt to fix it.
unfortunately for some people, their first time driving a new car is when they find that little flaw which needs repair! that first ride may turn into a disappointment – but don't worry – these cars are supposed to last for many years with minimal work needed outside basic maintenance once you

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