How to fix deep scratches on car

It sounds like you don't want to get it repainted and that is totally fine.

if the scratches are deep enough, use a bit of soap and water and rub it in to remove some of the dirt. next, use an old toothbrush to scrub away any dirt that remains before putting on a coat of touch up paint. get creative with your color choice since this scratch is on such a dark surface. have fun!
sheer can make silver paint look like brushed aluminum or make browns look like bronze, while still providing minimal coverage for scratches. just be aware that if mixed with white, sheer colors create pastel shades; red mixed with white will make pink; blue and orange makes soft peach; yellow and

can deep car scratches be repaired?

deep scratches will need to be buffed or sanded down, then primed and repainted. for a diy-friendly solution, you could use a dry ice polisher.

parts of a scratch can't be repaired if they've been exposed to oxygen from the air or from heat from your hand as those things degrade the polish applied to the car surface. since dry ice is -110 degrees fahrenheit, any exposed paint won't react to it and can therefore safely receive treatment without being damaged. other substances such as natural waxes could also work well as long as they're kept frozen until needed for use. this allows anyone with an existing polish or wax on their car's surface that needs retouching but doesn't want any more

how do you get rid of deep scratches on a car?

this is a tough question. scratches on cars can be caused by many things, such as sandpaper or steel wool, and can therefore require many different solutions to fix them. for simple scratches, the best solution would be to try getting some car wax and rubbing it on the scratch until it disappears completely. if that doesn't work or if you want to remove more serious scratches, there's a couple of methods you could try:

1) try using this doctor color chip kit- just follow the easy instructions and you should have your scratched area looking new again in minutes!
2) although this sounds like an expensive option at first glance, trying buffing out your car yourself with a metal polish will save over time so

how much does it cost to fix deep scratch on car?

car scratches can be repaired. the price will depend on the depth of the scratch and the quality of the job, but generally speaking you should expect to pay $30 or less.

a deep car scratch may require more than just polish to buff out, if it is one that might involve replacing an expensive panel for instance, but most scratches are shallow at best and can be smoothed over by your regular mechanic with a buffer for between $10-20. if you want to buff out a new detail yourself using ordinary polish (a process known as “polishing”) then you'll spend about $5 on several sheets of fine sandpaper (1200 grit) at any hardware store; polish costs around $6 per big can; wax

does toothpaste remove deep car scratches?

toothpaste alone will not remove a scratch, but it can help to lessen the appearance of them.

toothpaste does have a small chemical component that, in combination with brushing and scrubbing, may help fill up scratches with tiny bits of toothbrush bristle or paste that then diffuse into the plastic filling. in this context, i would recommend using toothpaste for superficial scars from minor windshield chips or deep urban grime–it's not going to work on any other type of surface corrosion besides scratches.

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